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Where Influence Meets Innovation

Welcome to One+ Strategies, where innovation meets influence in the heart of Pennsylvania’s political landscape. Our team boasts a dynamic blend of bipartisan professionals, each equipped with expertise gleaned from all levels of government – leveraging our resources to find solutions that drive tangible results for clients and a brighter future for Pennsylvania.

Unlike traditional lobbying firms, we unite lobbyists, communication specialists, public policy leaders and attorneys under one roof to deliver tailored solutions with a 360-degree approach.

Serving Your Legal Needs with One+ Law

Our clients call on us for informed and effective representation regarding the issues that are important to them and we’re uniquely qualified to deliver.

Meet Your Team

Welcome to the heart of our powerhouse: where diverse backgrounds merge to craft tailored solutions for your most pressing challenges.

Services That
Drive Results

We offer a spectrum of services designed to drive results in the complex landscape of government affairs. From navigating procurement intricacies to crisis communication mastery, our team delivers tailored solutions that make an impact.

Government Relations

The professionals at One+ Strategies represent a diverse list of small and large businesses, trade associations, and nonprofits. We help them navigate government and solve their challenges using our unmatched relationships and communication skills.


Doing business with government can be confusing, and even the simplest mistake could deny your company the ability to do business. The professionals at One+ Strategies have years of experience navigating the public procurement system and delivering for our clients.

Public Policy

It’s one thing to come to government with a ready-made solution – it’s another to need to create a solution.

Our public policy professionals at One+ Strategies are some of the leaders in their field and have served in senior roles in government creating and developing public policy solutions.

Issue Monitoring

Things sometimes move fast through a very complicated process in government. Our professionals monitor public policy through every step of the process – and we are able alert our clients and make plans to generate the right outcome.

Public Affairs & Advocacy

One+ Strategies is home to some of the most talented public affairs professionals in the industry. We help our clients not only tell their story, but make sure we tell it to the right audience in a way that impacts them.

Crisis Communications

Unexpected things happen. When they do, the professionals at One+ Strategies are ready to help you navigate the challenging environment and turn a crisis into an opportunity. We work with our clients to help them consider every step of a crisis and minimize damage to their reputation.

Coalition Development

Sometimes to solve a public policy issue you need to bring people together. One+ Strategies has a record of identifying a solution and then bringing stakeholders together to push for a public policy solution.

Grasstops Management

Sometimes you need a diverse list of voices to elevate your issues. The professionals at One+ Strategies have relationships across the state and country that can help deliver grassroots support for your issue or initiative.

One+ Industries

Representing clients in a range of industries, including Business, Education, Energy, Health Care, Transportation, Technology, and Nonprofits.

Inspiring Progress

From navigating complex legislative landscapes to crafting tailored solutions that make a tangible difference, we are committed to propelling businesses, associations, and nonprofits towards success in Pennsylvania and beyond. We are driven by passion and earn the trust of our clients through expertise and a deep commitment to making a difference in our community.

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Your Partner in Progress

Whether you’re seeking advocacy, strategic counsel, or comprehensive government affairs solutions, our team is here to make it happen. Take the next step with One+ by your side.

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